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What Hytrol Guaranteed Shipping Means To You

We understand that the level of your customer's satisfaction is directly related to how quickly you provide what they need. We stand with you in that belief. Hytrol's revolutionary processes help you deliver on your promises.

For Distribution Operations, we guarantee shipping on the majority of our:

  • Belt Conveyors: packing, shipping and order fulfillment
  • Gravity Conveyors: staging, kitting, pick-pack and truck loading
  • Accumulation Conveyors: staging, routing and wave processing
  • Transportation and Indexing Conveyors: feeding tapers and packers and other machines

For Manufacturing Operations, we guarantee shipping on the majority of our:

  • Pallet Handling Conveyor: stage product for banding and wrapping
  • Chain Driven Conveyor: for harsh environments
  • Heavy Duty Conveyor: for big items like casting and coil steel

Our Guarantee - If we're late we pay the freight!

Effective with all orders for standard products entered on or after December 1, 2006 Hytrol will pay the freight if they fail to meet the published lead-time for the product, regardless of the size of the order. Lead-time is counted beginning when Hytrol has a complete, processable order. Ship dates will not be assigned until all necessary information is provided.

This guarantee applies to any 24-hour, 1-week, 2-week or 4-week standard products. Systems orders and orders containing special products will be scheduled based on project size and complexity.

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Our products are categorized in groups based on complexity and demand. Earlier this year, we included the third group of our product offering, 2-Week Standard Items, in our shipping guarantee. And beginning on December 1st, 2006, we are committed to add yet another group of products, 4-Week Standard Items.Select Items Now Guaranteed For 4 Week Shipping!

You will now be able to get the vast majority of our product line in 4 weeks or less. The depth of products available to you is unmatched in the industry and so is the time it takes to deliver a huge array of products to your door.

You can promise your customers you will deliver because we guarantee you we will deliver!

Contact RH Brown to start executing your promises today!

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