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How Standardized Hytrol Equipment Benefits You

Skatewheel ConveyorStandardized equipment offers:

  • Flexibility
  • Quick responsiveness
  • An economical solution

Not every company needs the most sophisticated conveyor system and complex computer controls. The top priority for many operations, particularly those in the small and mid-size range, is basic and reliable equipment. They want to be able to ramp up quickly when order volume dictates. And when they do add new equipment, they want it up and running fast.

Hytrol's "Stockyard" service is tailor made for companies with these kinds of requirements. Hytrol guarantees 24-hour shipment of more than 500 models of conveyor equipment in 2,500 sizes from the Stockyard. In fact, if the order is not shipped within that tight timeframe, Hytrol pays the freight.

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Case Studies
The following case studies demonstrate the benefits of using standardized equipment:

Standardized Approach Delivers Multiple Benefits

Dairy Farmers of America finds that by standardizing on conveyor equipment, it can respond faster and more flexibly to market demand. They have adopted a modular approach in their manufacturing facility to make the addition of new equipment or reconfiguring existing equipment easier and more efficient. When Dairy Farmers of America wants to modify its operations, there's little, if any, design or reengineering work involved--an obvious cost advantage.

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Fast Delivery, Easy Installation

IPC Communication Services is a great example of a company that has benefited from the Stockyard. IPC provides a range of printing and media replication services, including assembly, fulfillment, and distribution. Though the IPC Hawthorne Fulfillment Center is growing steadily, it still needs to remain flexible. For operations like this one, the approach of adding equipment as needed from the Stockyard makes a lot of sense. Ordering is fast and easy. Installation is simple. And downtime is virtually non-existent.

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