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How Hytrol 's Roller Bed Incline Conveyor Benefits You

Adding a simple RBI Belted Incline/Decline protects your profits! The RBI Incline/Decline Conveyor allows you to use your overhead space effectively without a big investment.
  • Don't wait for a lift truck operator! RBI is always ready.
  • Fast throughput allows you to do what you need to do.
  • Compared to the alternatives like lift trucks, vertical lifts or spiral belt conveyors, the RBI is very cost effective.
  • It’s affordable to own and operate! Set it and forget it.
  • The permanently installed units can be connected to other conveyor lines or stand alone to utilize a second level storage location.
Click to see the RBI in action! The RBI is a floor-to-floor incline/decline conveyor equipped with a chain driven power feeder and an adjustable double nose-over at the discharge end to ensure a smooth transfer from incline or decline to horizontal plane. The RBI conveyor, with rollers, makes higher load capacities possible. Inclines and declines are easily adjusted up to 30°. This conveyor can also be used as a booster conveyor in gravity flow systems.

Incline/Decline Application Information

Incline/Decline Application Information Model RBI - Roller Bed Incline

Model RBI - Roller Bed Incline
High Throughput Cost Effectiveness
  • Steady flow of product
  • Low speeds and high cases per minute
  • Always ready when you are
  • Low cost compared to other lifting equipment
  • Off the shelf controls
  • Configure the RBI not the building
Reversing Handle a Wide Variety of Products
  • Incline to storage area on the mezzanine
  • Decline to shipping. You decide.
  • No need to carry a 50 lb. box down the stairs!
  • Gentle handling
  • Handle large and small products at the same time
  • Boxes, bags, tires, pillows...
Flexible Layout Low Maintenance
  • Can be a stand alone unit
  • Integrates with new or existing conveyor systems
  • Easily add staging conveyors at top and bottom
  • Simple planned maintenance
  • No sophisticated controls to support
  • Years of smooth operation

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