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5 Reasons You Need The Hytrol Toolbox App

It’s Sunday evening and you need to repair your conveyor system. Do you know what parts you need? How do you replace a bearing? Where is the nearest maintenance manual?

Enter the Hytrol Toolbox app.

5 Reasons You Need The Toolbox Maintenance and Spare Parts App
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Whether you’re in the field or in the office, it’s important to have easy access to information. Like its namesake suggests, this powerful ally puts the tools you need directly into your hands. Created specifically for the end user, this app will save you time and money. Don’t write information down on paper to return to the office; don’t take a laptop through the warehouse. All you need is your phone or iPad.

If you have an iOS, Windows, or Android phone—or an iPad tablet— you can take advantage of this free tool.

Let’s take a look at what’s special about the Hytrol Toolbox.

1. Quickly Search for Parts

Need a list of parts for your system? If you’re in the field, quickly scan the barcode—or, use the Order Search function to search by the serial number or the conveyor ID—to get a list of each part used for that conveyor, from filters to bearings. Using the Toolbox app to search for parts not only cuts down on the time needed to repair a system, but allows you to order any spare parts you need to maintain operation.

2. Make and Export a Wish List

When you’ve found the part(s) you want, add what you need to your wish list. When you’re finished, you can send your wish list to RH Brown, in turn we can order those parts for you. No back and forth means less time spent ordering your supplies. With Hytrol’s guaranteed shipping time of 24 hours for stock products, you’ll have minimal waiting time between order and arrival.

3. Download Installation & Maintenance Manuals (Instantly!)

Have everything you need to install and maintain your conveyor? Pull up the manual for your product instantly. The Toolbox app has Installation & Maintenance Manuals, so you can pull out your phone and immediately get to work.

4. Stay Current

Since this app is constantly pulling information from the Hytrol servers, the information at your fingertips will always be as correct and relevant as the information you gather from calling a member of the Customer Care team.

5. Download It for Free

At Hytrol, we want the professionals who use our equipment to be knowledgeable, and for the information they need to be easily accessible. That’s why the Toolbox app is free. All you have to do is take a minute out of your day to download it.


Download The Toolbox App

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Download from Windows Store
The Toolbox app will empower you and your maintenance team to react intelligently, more efficiently, and without the wait—resulting in more success for both you and your company. This app creates a streamlined process that allows you to instantly have the information you need. Knowledge is power, and the Toolbox can give you the knowledge you need easily and all in one place.

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