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Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. How To Determine Which Air Regulator To Use on The ABEZ Conveyor
Ask Hytrol is Hytrol's monthly video series focused on specific topics to help you maintain your conveyor system and learn about new technology. In this video, you will learn how to determine which air regulator to use on the ABEZ conveyor system.

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Ask Hytrol: How To Determine Which Air Regulator To Use On The ABEZ Conveyor

Hytrol’s ABEZ conveyor uses a specially designed air regulator with a gold cap to control its air bag system that operates the pressure frame and break assemblies.

The recommended air requirement for the ABEZ conveyor is 35-45 psi. The gold cap regulator maxes out at 50 psi and outlines a specific area in green to indicate the ideal pressure.

If the wrong regulator is used, such as the black cap (shown in the video), which allows air pressure to be increased beyond that which is specified; it will cause the air bags to burst and the conveyor to lose its accumulating function.

For more maintenance tips and information, please contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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