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Hytrol Conveyors Create Affordable Efficiency For Garment Distributor
Garment Distribution "We were in the bid process with several other dealers and our Hytrol Integration Partner came up with what we thought was the most efficient, affordable, and the most workable design for us. Working with them was a great experience - they have delivered on everything they said they would do in the time frame they said they would."

Case Study Focus: Wholesale Garment Distribution. Key System Solutions: Picking, Stocking, Staging, Sortation & Fluid Loading. Product Handled: Blank apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc) for imprinted sportswear market.

Streamlined Efficiency

Streamlined EfficiencyThis distributor of blank apparel for the imprinted sportswear market is in a highly competitive business centered around high volume, low margin products. They serve screen printers, embroideries and ad speciality firms who embellish the product with logos, designs, lettering, etc. and distribute it to the end user. Quantities are received in large truckloads, stored, then picked and shipped in small truckloads. The average order size is from 2-3 boxes. Before the installation of the Hytrol system, all material handling was done manually with minimal automation. Items were sorted by hand and moved to shipping by approximately 20 ft. of gravity conveyor.

The company contacted their Hytrol Integration Partner, explained their situation, and asked for help. The Integration Partner's team first escorted representatives of the company around to see other Hytrol systems in use. They liked the way that Hytrol systems worked from a stability, presentation, and operating standpoint and decided to partner with Hytrol to revamp their plant processes.

A new Hytrol conveyor system, customized for their operation, was installed at the facility and soon the company was reaping the benefits of the Hytrol system. The new system has allowed the company to automate and expedite their processes, simplify the training of their employees, and eliminate shipment errors. Workers now need only to pick the items and place them on the conveyor. The conveyor takes it from there and sends boxes to the proper shipping area.

"I would absolutely recommend Hytrol conveyors. I have been involved with conveyor systems in another industry that were fraught with nothing but problems and an enormous amount of downtime. That has never been the case with Hytrol." — President

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