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R.H. Brown Co., founded in 1911 and now in its fourth generation of ownership, celebrates one hundred years in the material handling industry! Thank you to all the customers, vendors and employees who've made us successful for over 100 years.

NW Food Manufacturing & Packaging Expo 2011 (January 16-19, 2011 at The Oregon Convention Center) Visit R.H. Brown in Booth 1319!

The Annual NW Food Manufacturing & Packaging Expo is the largest regional food manufacturing trade show in North America. Key food processing industry professionals from across the Northwest, the United States, and around the world attend this Expo. Use our exclusive VIP Processor Code to claim your complimentary SOLUTIONS Marketplace Hall Pass.

January 16-19, 2011 - Visit us at Booth 1319
2011 NW Food Manufacturing & Packaging Expo
Oregon Convention Center
777 Martin Luther King Blvd., Portland, OR 97232

Contact R.H. Brown for your invitation code to attend the expo.


Systems Profile: Sorting Out the Fruit Industry

Washington Fruit Recently RH Brown Co. helped Washington Fruit move into the new era of conveying, sorting and palletizing apples. The state of the art facility utilizes Lean Logix Software to scan, convey, combine and sort cases of apples to (5) robot palletizers. Sorting up to 45 cpm, the Lean Logix System can optimize on its own which higher volume SKU�s will go to the (20) robot lanes and which lower volume SKU�s will continue to hand stack. Approximately 80% of the volume is absorbed by the palletizing systems. Each case or RPC is scanned, tracked, sorted and palletized. As pallets are built, a manifest including unique case identification is automatically passed to the host system. The new era in fruit packing!

To learn more about how Lean Logix can improve the productivity of your operation contact R. H. Brown Co. »



Green Solutions

LeanLogix™ WCS by R.H. Brown Co. lean logix screens

LeanLogix™ Warehouse Control Software is designed specifically to optimize the productivity of your conveyor system, reduce energy consumption, increase the longevity of the hardware and allow for additional functionality as your needs change.

Click here for more information about LeanLogix™ WCS »

Contact R.H. Brown to see how LeanLogix WCS can help you »


What makes the E24™ different from other conveyors?

24 volt Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors are being widely used due to their simplicity and flexibility. Since the drive train is distributed along the conveyor length a single piece of equipment can perform multiple functions. This includes different speeds, multiple directions and starting/stopping individual sections.Until now, service was a major determining factor in selecting MDR equipment. Hytrol's E24™ has been designed from the ground up to provide the best 24 volt conveyor drive technology in existence.

Click here for more information about E24™ Conveyor »

Contact R.H. Brown to see how E24™ Conveyor can help you »

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