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RH Brown is the leader in providing solutions for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing with material handling systems. We specialize in conveyor and storage solutions that help you meet the needs of your customer in today's changing market. We have experienced people, quality products and the proven performance record to ensure a successful partnership.

The following systems represent some of our best solutions.

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Listed below are systems specifically designed and implemented by RH Brown.

Mill 95

A rending of Mill 95's 1100 pallet positions

Automating material movement with key technologies like pallet shuttle and high-density pallet rack enhances warehouse productivity while optimizing space and reducing operating expenses. Learn how Mill 95 increased pallet storage, reduced costs in cold storage operations, and is ensuring safer and more efficient hops operations.

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Nintendo of America Inc.

High speed conveyor at Nintendo of America

"We've realized a number of important benefits in a relatively short period of time," says Jerry Danson, equipment manager for the North Bend center. "The new sortation system can accommodate 145 cases a minute, which is a big improvement over the 85 cases handled by the old sorter. Basically, the ProSort takes cartons as fast as we can feed them so there are no backups anywhere."

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For the construction of a new distribution center, SanMar relied on old friends, RH Brown. Read about our installation of high-capacity, high-height, selective pallet rack for SanMar's full pallet, partial pallet, and 24-inch span single case storage.

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Washington Fruit

Watch this System Profile video and discover how RH Brown helped Washington Fruit achieve success with Hytrol Conveyors.

Watch this profile video and discover how R.H. Brown helped Washington Fruit achive success with sortation, high speed merge, palletizing, and LeanLogix Warehouse Control Software. We used Hytrol's Traffic Cop, Powered Pivot Divertr, EZLogic Zero Pressure Accumulating and ProSort MRT for pallet take-away.

Watch the Washington Fruit System Profile Video

Washington Fruit with Palletizing

Watch this System Profile video and discover how RH Brown helped Washington Fruit achieve success with the Intralox DARB.

Washington Fruit added a second apple processing facility and turned to RH Brown again to develop a solutions. This project features Hytrol conveyor, 3-to-1 high-speed merge, and the Intralox DARB sorter before cartons are stacked by Columbia Okura A1500 robotic arms for palletizing.

Watch the video showing the capabilities of the Intralox DARB Sorter.

Federated Logistics

Read The Feature: The Clothes Make The Plan

When a retailer needed to drastically cut costs and processing time in merchandise distribution, they created logistics operations and hired RH Brown to create a solution for their 520,000 square foot facility where they process an average of 15,000 cartons per day and need to have capacity for up to 25,000 cartons per day.

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