Innovative High-density cold storage serving craft brewers and hop growers

Mill 95 is a premier independent hops service provider for craft brewers and hop growers. They wanted an innovative solution to automate material movement and maximize pallet positions in cold storage. Utilizing high-density, deep-bay storage we were able to create 1,100 pallet positions in 9,800 square foot of space.

rending of high density, cold storage, automated pallet shuttle system

Design and Planning: A rendering shows pallet positions for the customer's semi-automated pallet shuttle system. Learn more about pallet shuttles.

Handling Hops Products with a Semi-Automated Pallet Shuttle System

Location: Parma, ID
Service Area: Southwest Idaho, USA and beyond.
Cold Storage Size: 9,800 square feet
Product Handled: Hops, hop bales, hop pellets
Business Objectives: - Automate material movement
- Increase pallet storage
- Optimize warehouse square footage
- Improve efficiency through labor optimization
- Reduce operating expenses
Key Technologies: - Pallet Shuttle
- High-Density Pallet Rack
- Motorized Shuttles
Advantages: - Increased warehouse productivity
- Reduced cost to operate cold storage
- Fork trucks do not drive into storage lanes
Systems Integrator: RH Brown - Serving the Pacific Northwest

Automated, wifi controlled pallet shuttle retrieving a pallet in high density cold storage application

Installing deep bay pallet rack as part of Mill 95's high tech hop inventory management

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High Density Pallet Rack Installation for Hops Warehousing

Pallet rack frames, and brackets are staged for installation
Staging pallet rack components for installation.
Installation team builds high density pallet rack for cold storageInstallation continues with the RH Brown team.
The pallet rack system installation is nearly complete in Parma, IdahoNearly all 1200 pallet positions have been installed.
A tablet device connected to wifi with a display allowing an operator to control pallets
Wifi-enabled tablet allows operators to easily manage the pallet shuttle.
Deep bay pallet rack and pallet shuttleAn automated pallet shuttle unit retrieves a pallet in a cold storage application
An attractive sign that reads Proudly Grown for Mill 95 - The Heart of Hop Country, Gooding FarmsHop bines grow toward the sky at a farm that supplies hops to Mill 95 (Photo credit: Instagram @mill95hops)

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Benefits of Semi-Automated Pallet Shuttle Systems

Increased Efficiency:

Semi-automated pallet shuttle systems can significantly increase warehouse efficiency by automating the movement of pallets within storage lanes. This reduces the need for manual handling and speeds up the retrieval and storage processes.

Optimized Space Utilization:

Pallet shuttle systems maximize storage space utilization by enabling high-density storage configurations such as deep lane storage. This allows warehouses to store more inventory within the same footprint, ultimately increasing storage capacity.

Enhanced Productivity:

With semi-automated pallet shuttle systems, workers spend less time manually moving pallets, freeing up valuable time for other tasks. This leads to improved overall productivity and throughput in warehouse operations.

Improved Safety:

By minimizing the need for manual pallet handling, semi-automated pallet shuttle systems help reduce the risk of workplace injuries associated with heavy lifting and repetitive motions. This creates a safer working environment for warehouse staff.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Semi-automated pallet shuttle systems are highly flexible and can be easily adapted to accommodate changes in warehouse layout or inventory requirements. Additionally, they are scalable, allowing warehouses to expand their storage capacity as needed without major

Inventory Management:

Pallet shuttle systems often come with advanced inventory management features such as real-time tracking and FIFO/LIFO inventory control. This enables warehouses to maintain accurate inventory records and improve stock rotation practices.

Cost Savings:

While initial investment costs may be higher than traditional storage solutions, semi-automated pallet shuttle systems offer long-term cost savings through improved efficiency, reduced labor costs, and better space utilization. Over time, the return on investment (ROI) can be significant.

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