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Hytrol. We Know Conveyor.
Increased Productivity Delivers Fashion Footwear Faster

Women's Shoes & Handbags "We selected Hytrol because we considered their conveyors to be the Mercedes-Benz of the industry in terms of reliability and productivity. We have not been disappointed."
- Vice President

Case Study Focus: Retail Distribution Of Footwear. Key System Solutions: Flow Rack Picking, Shipping & Trash Take-Away. Product Handled: Women's Footwear, Handbags & Accessories.


Prior to installation of the new system, the distribution center was not operating at the level management wanted it to. Gravity conveyors in the pick areas were not well integrated with the powered units, which themselves were inadequate for a facility of its size and throughput requirements. In addition, there was too much manual movement and handling-not just of the orders, but also of the packing and corrugated material to be discarded.

Management recognized that it needed to address the situation. Working with their Hytrol Integration Partner, the company embarked on a major expansion and upgrade to the facility.


Orders are picked in several locations in the multi-level facility. Shoes and handbags in the lower level module are picked to empty cartons on gravity conveyor lines and moved to the old shipping area. Orders for their line of comfort footwear are picked on the upper level and merged with cartons from bulk picking, then scanned and transported to the new shipping area. At both shipping locations, cartons are manually sorted to various pack-out stations, then metered and fed through the carton sealer. Overhead pushers automatically move cartons to the appropriate shipping line and overhead trash takeaway conveyors keep the facility neat and clean.

This streamlined and flexible operation is helping the company meet its objectives of improved throughput and efficiency. The Executive Vice President reports that the new system to date has fully met his expectations.

Women's Footwear, Handbags & Accessories Women's Footwear, Handbags & Accessories Women's Footwear, Handbags & Accessories

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