Preventive Maintenance: Best Practices for Conveyor Longevity

Originally published by Hytrol / Jim Greuel June 27, 2019

Employ a maintenance technician. A dedicated employee on staff can help keep your conveyor running smoothly. They will maintain service records and spare parts. Most importantly, they will know how the conveyor runs. The maintenance technician will have the answers and skills to keep the conveyor running and reducing any down time.

Spare parts. Make a list of parts that will eventually need to be replaced and have an inventory on hand. You can work with RH Brown Co. to verify and purchase them. Having spare parts on hand will reduce your conveyor’s down time. Remember to reorder the spare part when you use it.

Scheduled maintenance. Just like your car, following scheduled maintenance will keep the entire machine running in top shape. The various maintenance checks should include, but are not limited to, checking oil levels, inspecting bolts, and monitoring the belt. The checks should also be conducted at various times during the year. Checks could be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and semiannually.

Your maintenance technician should create a list of maintenance checks for the conveyor. Linked below is a comprehensive list of scheduled Maintenance Checks from Hytrol. Use this list or create your own. Just make sure there is a system in place to check the wear of the conveyor.

Utilize Hytrol Training and work with RH Brown Co. Hytrol has a department dedicated to end user training. They are there to help maintenance technicians and staff work with and maintain Hytrol equipment. Training is offered through in-person seminars, tailored webinars, and on-site training. Utilize the Hytrol Training team to help keep your conveyors running in top condition.

Follow these basic tips and your conveyors will be on track for a life of longevity and optimal performance.

Maintenance Checklist

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Reposted: December 29, 2020


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