LeanLogix™ Warehouse Control Software is designed to optimize the productivity of your conveyor system, manage and adjust throughput, provide data collection and reporting, increase the longevity of the hardware, reduce energy consumption and allow for additional functionality as your needs change.

Lean Logix

Features and functions often include:

  • PLC or PC based control systems
  • Barcode application, scanning and data collection
  • Sortation routing and confirmations
  • ERP interface modules
  • Manifest creation
  • Low energy consumption: energy efficient motors, low voltage controls, EZ-Logic Controls, sleep functions, 24 volt drive systems
  • Robust software design including: redundant routines, visual system indicators, cascade start-stop sequence, transfer confirmation and line clear signals, fault detection, maintenance tools etc.
  • VPN support
  • UL certified panels and open architecture software

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View your line in realtime, manage production rates, and increase the longevity of your hardware with Lean Logix WCS.

Lean Logix WCS
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